Fast Food Obesity And Children As Consumers

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Fast-food, obesity and children as consumers. The rate at which fast-food is being consumed nowadays is highly alarming and very harmful to the health. This very consumption can result to complicated health issues such as obesity, heart failure arthritis and possibly death. The population of people who eat fast-food rapidly increases as the population of different fast-food restaurants increases. Fast-foods are very harmful to the body due to the high level of saturated fat, sodium, trans-fat, cholesterol they contain. Food can be said to be any nutritious substance that satisfies hunger and builds the body. Fast-food is just a name given to foods that are prepared rather quickly and usually always cheap. Fast-food includes fries, hamburger, hotdog, sandwich, etc. These foods contain little or no nutrients because of the processes in which they have been subjected to. Previously in the United States, fast-food industries started out very little like every other industry, there were no much places where fast-foods were sold but since then, fast-food industries has blossomed and is still blossoming. “An industry that began with a handful of modest hotdog and hamburger stands in the southern California has spread to every corner of the nation, selling a broad range of foods wherever paying customers may be found” (schlosser 3). Fast-food is just a way to escape cooking a healthy meal. Fast-food is cheap and at the same time expensive because when something is both cheap and fast it is very tempting to buy it constantly because you feel that it is not worth much and is easily prepared but what people don’t know is that, that is the way fast-foods are being advertised with cheap items so more can be bought. In the year 1970, Americans spent about 6billion on fast-food, in 2001 spent more than 110 billion, this is year 2012 and the amount spent on fast food is more than the two figures combined. As the years go by the amount of money been put into fast-food doubles thereby making room for more fast-food restaurants to be built. If one decides to calculate all the money he/she has put into fast-food, it would amount to nothing less than the price of a new laptop or a better education which is more important than food that enters the mouth and damages the system. Some fast-food restaurants include McDonalds, burger king, dominoes. I was searching through the web and found an article written anonymously by the manager of a branch of McDonalds he said “McDonalds only succeeds (and especially in the U.S) because of the public’s willingness and revolting eagerness to stuff their faces with red meat and processed French fries…throw in anything that is on sale because they don’t want to pass up on extra fat for a lower price” (swing manager). This is really true because people prefer to buy a large product for a lower price to a small product for a lower price. Fast-food restaurants like McDonalds don’t care what they are selling and how it affects the health, all they care about is how up the sales are , what next to add on the menu to attract more customers. It doesn’t even matter to them how healthy their environment is and how the meal is being prepared by the staff all they want to know is that customers are buying and they are attracting more customers. The fast-food industries would be nothing without the secretive flavor industries. We are meant to believe that the flavor of the foods that are being sold in the fast-food restaurants comes naturally. Truthfully it doesn’t. People only believe that it does. It comes from the chemicals which have been mixed in the flavor industries to produce both a nice aroma and taste. This is the major reason why fast-foods have a constant taste and smell. You can identify the smell of a burger anywhere the only thing is that it might not be natural or is natural, you can’t differentiate. ”millions of tons of chemicals are added to the food that