Essay on Obesity: Nutrition and Alfredo Sauces

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Obesity in America
By Haley Hogan
About 60 adults, or 30%, of the adult population are obese. This country is growing outward instead of upward, and we need to help it by making choices that are better than things that can clog our body systems and that are so tempting. Nowadays there are restaurants that give us bad temptations like fattening foods such as nachos, alfredo sauces, and pies. Fast food restaurants are coming out with unhealthy items all the time to attract new customers. A new one recently that people have been talking about is the new McRib from McDonalds. The real ingredients in the McRib are what tell you that it isn’t as appetizing as you had thought. The Week magazine did a story on the McRib and found out that it isn’t at all made out of pork as what they had all said. The patties are truly made out of the innards of a pig such as the tripe, heart and stomach, which are then all cooked and blended with salt and water before being shaped into the patties. The foods that people take to be so good are made of things that we don’t even know. People should ask “Do I really want this with all fats, calories, and sodium in this?” Having all these calories, sodium, and fats can do a lot of damage to our bodies over time. Eating them can clog your arteries and then blood would not be able to flow. When you start to grow bigger because of the food you eat, then you should know you might need to start watching your calories for your health. Obviously, health is an important aspect of everyone’s life whether big or small. On the other hand people have the right to do what they please. Eating the foods they do is there way of choosing their life. We like to eat fast food because its good and you can’t just tell someone not to eat the food because it’s bad for you or they may not care at all. They like to have a variety of food to choose, and they like for it to be fast so they can go to a drive through when they are busy. They pick what looks the most appetizing not what is healthy. Also, sometimes people are in a rush so they can choose what they want because they know their own body and that’s how they know what to order. People in the world don’t realize what