Obesity: Nutrition and Healthy Habits Essay

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The whole idea of the book is that we have today the biggest choice of things to eat, good, healthy food. The best part is that nowadays nutritious food is cheaper than ever, but despite all this, we eat very badly due to our long standing habits. Too many of us are either obese or malnourished, or even both. The whole book is about how food in the United States has gone from feeding people to making profit off food. Also, how food has gone from something to fuel to the body to recreational, addictive, self-destructive and much more as well. It’s a surprise still as to why we make such bad choices, and why do we still have eating problems in the midst of such abundance and diversity of choices.
In order to avoid this national ongoing issue, it better to create good eating habits. Developing healthy habits can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start. A lot of people fail at healthy living simply because they try too many things at the same time and they end up not sticking to anything. They get back to their double cheeseburgers and exciting evenings in front of the TV and keep getting bigger as their health problems increase.
Stack your fridge with healthy products weekly to avoid last-minute carry outs, unhealthy frozen dinners and eating out. Start a food diary and track how much you are actually eating with two-thirds of the Americans being overweight or obese overeating is a real problem today. The general guidelines are 1600 calories for women and