Obesity Research Paper

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Obesity is an eating disorder characterised by overeating in people who consume huge amounts of food who feel without the ability to control it or stop. These peoples will usually eat even if they arent hungry however they usually state that they rarely feel full. If people take in more energy from food than they use up then the excess is stored as fat and when taken to extremes people can put on so much weight that they become obese. Many people struggle with obesity now a days more than before due to an overall change of lifestyle that we have. However it is also possible that genetic susceptibility may act in the development of obesity or the cause of it from hormone disorders or use of certain medications which affect the metabolism. Another major cause of obesity is actually social and or emotional stress leading to comfort eating this usually entails a high intake of fatty foods and refined foods containing a lot of added sugar. People suffering with obesity usually develop a lack of self confidence and loss the ability to be in charge of themselves by controlling their food intake. However it is more likely to happen then for it to be noticed in a life-threatening way, even though overweight people are much more likely than thinner to have consequential health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, fertility problems and early on arthritis. In addition to this obesity can reduce your life expectancy by up to nine years, the weight puts a lot of extra strain on the joints and limbs which make any activity very difficult and sometimes the pain created can be so much that it prevents them from movement. The physical symptoms of this condition are fairly apparent and become more obvious as the weight increases making symptoms more severe over the length of the time period. Physical changes outside the body are noticed first, a few of these may include an enlargement of the size of waistband, stomach and legs but also the slight change in shape of the face due to the extra weight. The over indulgence of food means that the body has to then develop a way of fight against itself to get rid of the extra energy that is not being used up, however due to the person feeling self conscious and reliant on food they get into a routine of not attempting to do any activity that may out themselves in front of others where their weight is on display. This leads to further physical problems as their mobility decreases dramatically and problems with breathing increase causing poor circulation. Obesity also increases the risk of developing therosclerosis because it increases the blood cholesterol, fats and pressure damaging the lining of blood vessels and contributing to plaque formation. These will then eventually result in the increased possibility of cancer and definitely an early