Obesity: Nutrition and North America Essay

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There are many reasons that North America should be one of the healthiest continents of the world. But why not? Well In North America there are lots of things to get us not making the right choice of what we eat, or do our exercise. Some of these reasons are; fast food on the go, advertisement, laziness, lack of exercise, food addiction, attitude towards their body, depression, and transportation.

One of the biggest reasons for obesity is fast food on the go. In North America we have the largest amounts of fast food restaurants in the world, possibly more fast food restaurants than gas stations. Everyone is always in a rush, maybe had a long day at work, or rushing home to take their child somewhere. This means what are they going to eat in such a rush, the answer is fast food. Just face it you don't know what you're eating in fast food.

In addition with fast food, advertisement also has a big role in obesity in North America. Advertisement makes everything look good, and only tell you the good things about the food you're going to have. But do you read the fine print? Really when they tell you something good about an item, there's ten things that make you want to vomit. This is why next time you eat fast foods read the fine print and make the right choice.

Another reason for obesity is laziness and lack of exercise. First off, laziness plays a huge role in a typical North American persons day. If we weren't lazy nobody would be obese, unfortunately we are. In our typical day we wouldn't not feel like cooking and getting food on the go. Laziness ties into lack of exercise also. It would be okay to eat fast food if we all exercised and burned it all off our bodies. Laziness affects North American obesity greatly.

Likewise, food addiction and attitude towards their body also affect obesity in North America. Like cigarettes and alcohol, people get addicted and can not stop what their doing. Same with food, for example if a man was raised eating