Obesity: Nutrition and Obesity Essay

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Obesity Has A Cure Obesity, a medical condition where excess body fat has been stored to the extent that it may have a detrimental effect on one’s health. Today in North America there has been a dramatic increase in unhealthy weight in children, little do we know that it is more so the government, parents and schools that are at fault. We need to teach children about food and making healthy choices, they are the source we need to get across to in order to fight obesity for the future generations and for the now. If someone were to discover the cure for cancer, AIDs, Diabetes or any other incurable illness, people would give their life to get it. Obesity has a cure but no one is jumping to cure it, including myself I know the cure for obesity but have yet to put it to use or inform obese people of the cure. Obesity is 100 % preventable and yet it is still one of the biggest problems we face in North America. We spend our lives worried about getting cancer, diabetes or having a heart attack or an un-healthy heart but we set ourselves up for these problems through not eating properly. There are so many simple ways to execute obesity. Remember when mom and grandma used to cook those homemade dinners with fresh food, some sautéed veggies a delicious green salad and hunky grilled chicken breast? Well this generation of children only know microwave dinners, take out and fast food combos due to the fact that their parents don’t make homemade meals. They learn to eat that way and don’t know any better. Unfortunately parents don’t know it but by feeding their children nothing but crap food they’re killing their children. According to statistics if this generation continues to eat the way they do children are going to be dying 10 years younger than their parents. Parents need to be educated on healthy eating and how to beat obesity so that children are able to cook a healthy meal for their three meals a day and live a healthier life-style and ultimately live a longer life. As much as schools are supposed to educate us and help us do and achieve great things, they are not educating us on one of the most important things killing North Americans, Obesity. The least the school board could do is put a program in all elementary schools and high schools across North America that teaches and informs children from ages 4-18 about the food they are eating, How to eat healthy and how to prevent obesity. It’s a little effort as small as this that can contribute to the cure of obesity, but there is no such program. We send our kids to school thinking it is one of the safest environments for them to be, but the people in charge of the cafe are killing our children with the food that they are feeding them. The people who are in charge of school board cafeterias and control what type of food gets put in to them have no experience in food the industry let alone any knowledge on healthy eating, they are mostly all just accountants who want to buy the cheapest product possible and could care less about the health of today’s children. That is a huge problem. Let’s give these kids some knowledge on how to save themselves and later on their own children from obesity and all the horrible effects that come with it. The government has so much potential to put an end to obesity but is he