Essay Obesity: Nutrition and Proper Nutrition Values

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When it comes to obesity rates rising in both developed and less- developed regions of the world, I think this is happening for one because people just don’t care no more by this I mean us as people in the developed have so much freedom to do what we want. One reason I think rates are increasing in obesity in the developed world is because of the all the fast food places we have to choose from and junk food, us as Americans are lazy and don’t like to take the extra time to eat healthy and that’s a given with these rates going up. In less developed regions of the world I believe one of the main cause for obesity rising is because; they already don’t have enough food and sometimes are like starving, so when they get food they don’t know the proper nutrition values or how to portion themselves when eating. Eating to many calories after starving yourself and gaining weight is only going to continue you in the weight gaining process. A third reason I think these rates are rising in both places is simply because of the lack of education on eating or being healthy. I know these rates also go up because of the lack of exercising, but I feel you need to eat right before you really exercise or else it will be a waste. There should be way more education given on nutrition and eating habits in both developed and non-developed regions of the world.
After listing my reasons on why I think these rates are going up I will now say my three ideas on how to reduce the threat my