Essay on Obesity: Nutrition and Small Portions

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Angel E Diaz
Grammar and Composition
5th of September 2013


The obesity problem in North America is at an all-time high! Obesity means having too much body fat! A person can be overweight by extra muscle, bone or water as well as having too much fat. Mexico has just recently beaten out the US in the obesity chart! Over 40 million kids under the age of five were overweight in 2011. Obesity in America is really getting to be a problem! Over indulgence, emotional, and bored eating are getting to be a problem. Not getting enough exercise in a day can also pull you towards obesity. I’ve been obese for about my whole life. I weighted 170lb when I was in the 6th grade. The average 6th weight should be 100-150! I was 20lbs over weight. I always use to get lectured by my parents telling me that I need to eat fewer chips, cookies and other sweet treats. Now, being a senior in high school and weighing 270lb. I finally realized that my parents and the doctors were right! It not mainly my fault, I have bad genetics. My dad is a big guy and so was my grandpa! They are most definitely skinner than me. What can I do, but try to eat healthy and exercise. Getting into a sport really helps as well! I’ve played soccer and youth football for about my whole youth time! Over eating is main problem now a day. People put too much on their plates. Bored and emotional eating is probably one of the biggest problems in North America today. People eat for no reason. Being bored and eating is not healthy. I can remember catching me bored eating a few times. Overeating seems to be my kryptonite. A lot of people over eat, it somewhat normal. I’ve seen a lot of people over eat, It’s not a pleasant sight, but hey that their problem. I don’t think there could be a real solution to over eating besides just consuming small portions at a time. Depression because being obese, is something that can happen. I was depressed for about a year. Before I realized that I had too much to live for, to be depressed and be inside all day. My parents were really worried about me. I wasn’t the same happy, cheery kid they gave birth too. I was in a stage of my life where I actually wanted to kill myself. Thinking those thoughts were actually pretty scary. My parents didn’t know that I almost took my life. I still remember the day, November 25th 2009. I was in my room; I was balling my eyes out thinking about how I’d be better if I died. At that point, I felt that someone was holding me in down. I feel like till this day my guardian angel saved my life that day. Honestly, that’s why I’m so into my religion. I feel so much better about myself now than I