Obesity: Obesity and Physical Activity Essay

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Chelsea D. Kimble

PED212: Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities (BDF1244A)

Instructor: Matthew Donovan



Obesity is the state of being well above one's normal weight (a BMI of 30 or more). Obesity is caused from lack of energy balance caused by the excess weight the body carries. Excess eating also plays a contributing role in Obesity, as there are many who use food to feed their depression, anger and anxiety. In the US alone there are over 60 million adults, and children between the ages of 6-19 there are 9 million who are obese. ( ObesityinAmerica.org 2012) When you look at the over all population it is very sad to think that over three-fourths of our population is obese. You have to wonder what is out there that I can do to help see the numbers come down, and the number of healthy Americans rise. First we must work together teaching the next generation about eating healthy, keeping a regular pattern of exercise, and to maintain a lifestyle less stressful, and to keep focus on the finner things in life, as its proven that when you encounter a huge amount of stress your more likely to endulge in it and let it weigh you down, causing you to add on the pounds. To what extent do learners adopt healthy lifestyles? No matter if you do an adequate amount of physical exercises, eat and drink healthy everyone who is taught physical education gains an understanding of how to live a potentially healthy lifestyle. (Davidson, 2007) Though it has been proven that if taught proper nutrition one will adapt and carry out that which they are taught through out their lives. Some of the main factors of obesity are genetics, environment, metabolism, behavior, and perinatal There seems to be a lack of certainty when it comes to the aspect of childhood obesity from cause and prevalence to treatment and prevention. Even with no real evidence that surrounds childhood obesity continues with the uncertainty of existence. (Davidson, 2007) In 1998 a consensus statement was made regarding the recommendation of health-enhancing physical activity of young children and young people was written. In 2005 there was a recommendation statement published in the US on evidence based recommendations of physical activity for young people. However it is addressed that these type of concepts reinforce the threshold of health promotion. Children need to spend a minimum of two hours each week in high-quality Physical Education and sports withing as well as beyond the curriculum in order to keep their activity level up, and maintain healthy lifestyles even at early ages. (Davidson, 2007) Most americans do not get the recommended amount of physcial activity as well as eat and maintain proper amounts of recommended nutrition. Adults on average on eat about 82% and children 82% of the recommended amount of physical activity. As a result the number of obesity has increased. Today 1in 3 adults and 1 in 6 children are obese. This is causing an extremely high increase in medical costs, as well as a burden on the U.S medical care delivery systems. The more physicall active you are the more your body works off the fats, sugars, water, and other waste your body does not need, and will help you live a longer healthier life. Though one must also remember that when working out you need to drink as doctors recommend the whole 48oz of water in order for your body to keep hydrated as well as motivated. Water also helps to flush out the waste that your workisn so hard to burn off. Students need to be sure they are getting the adequate amount of physical activity even after school hrs. Students who just sit home and play video games are not giving their body the exercise, strength building, and activity needed to keep the body working as means to keep fit. We are all taught early on in order to be fit you must be active, as well as having a balanced diet, and staying away from harsh chemicals.