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15 May 2012

The different of obesity. “Obesity” is one of the words that are brought up to the news, conversations, and many discussions at this moment. The topic, we can even call it the problem, has become one of the major issues everywhere. Every day, we can see obesity’s articles featured on the newspapers, television news, or internet. The media pay a huge amount of its attention to this topic. Many industries also has paid their interests to this complex issue. The movie industry, the magazine industry, or even the food industry its self have attempted to issue with obesity. That fact increases the interests of people to the topic as well. People start to be more aware of what they eat, and their health. Most of the time obesity is discussed as the problem of the American society. Especially to the children of this country, obesity is like a mastermind villain that will slowly destroy their health in the long run. American children suffer hugely from this decease. And they won’t even know until its’ too late. Obesity is an enormous issue to our society. It can possibly direct the norm of the population to the different path. There might be some new deceases that originate from obesity, in the future.
Our potential society can have a direct impact from this expansive decease. However, obesity isn’t the problem for every country. The U.S., so far, seems to have the most impact to the society from obesity. Some other countries are not affected by it that much. Obesity can possibly harm American society, and youth. Un like the U.S., it’s the cultural differences that some other countries have that make them are not as vulnerable to this decease as much as the U.S.

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In this era, the “quality” of food is extremely related to almost every American’s diet.
Food to American is comparable to cars they drive. It’s considered to be a luxurious part of life style that American have an access to. There are new kinds of cuisine popping up every month. There is even a website for people to rate about the restaurants that they go to. Right now, there is a restaurant in almost every corner of the many cities. These are examples of how much American love to eat. However, American love food so much, until they forget to love themselves. The main thing that we care the most when it comes to food is the taste. This is the reason why many American are obsessed. Most of the food that we eat satisfy our taste buds, but it is not beneficial to our health. Moreover, even though more than
50 percent of American have their dinner at their homes, but most of the time are fast food, takeouts , or delivery from restaurants (Voigts). It’s obvious that the typical American diet is really unhealthy. This also conducts the nutrition and the quality of the food American consume. As a result, the quality of the food that they get from their meal isn’t as nutritious.
The diet of American has been manipulated by the their superficial satisfaction. The direct
Impact from this habit of American also spreads outwards. For instant, if the parents held on to this negative diet habit, there is a possibility that the children will automatically follow the the wrong path of their parents. This will directly give the kids the wrong pattern, and pretentiously continue with the old habit in the long run. More American youth struggle with obesity. More and more of young American generation are facing a big problem with their weight. The percentage of obsessed youth has triple in the last 30 years (Center of decease control and prevention) . It is really dramatic how the numbers has increase rapidly in such a short time. American youth, at this time, are in danger from the easy access to every kind of food they can imagine. Since more and more fast food chains start to expand their market