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The growth of Obesity in America There has been a rapid growth of obesity in America and it isn't hard to figure out why. Every corner you turn there is a fast food restaurant. Fast food is so convenient and so much more cheaper than healthy food and the low prices for a burger distract us from eating healthy. And for those in a rush it is perfect for them to drive through the drive through and grab a burger and go to work. Stress is also a huge factor in Americas increase in obesity, also technology makes everything so much easier for us and makes us lazy which causes lack of exercise. Thirty four percent of American adults are obese, and the percentage of obese children is seventeen percent. Something needs to be done about this and the government seems to be doing nothing about it. What I think we should do? Smaller portion sizes. Ban large fries, large sodas and a double-double burger. Make serving pre-cooked, frozen foods, usually thawed out by boiling in hot oil banned as well. Fast food chains should only be allowed to serve fresh foods, yeah it will be more costly but they're to blame for Americas obesity and something needs to be done about it. And once the food are more healthy even more people will eat out at fast food restaurants and they will make a profit on their food. We should also limit the number of restaurants a fast food chain can have in a city or state. From my house there is 3 McDonalds within a 10 minute drive, I think its absurd. The government should also invest in a fast food restaurant chain but that serves healthy food or at least food that is made well and fresh. Fast food companies play a large role in the rapid growth of obesity because they spend millions of dollars in advertisements that make fast food appealing to the human eye. They make everything look so appetizing yet don’t give you nutritional information. They almost all have "value menus" which is appealing to a customer and makes them buy their food and keep coming back because who doesn’t love a good deal on a burger, chicken nuggets or etc. Also they're kids meals that come with toys make kids go crazy and beg their parents for a happy meal just because they want the toy that comes with it. And not many parents can say no to a crying, kicking and screaming baby. Depression, drugs, and alcohol and being bored are also a huge factor in obesity in the fact that our emotions manipulate the way we eat. Being under pressure and always in a rush forces people at times to grab something quick rather than taking the time to make an actual cooked meal. Relationships are also a huge factor. Sometimes when you're in love you don't factor in calories, you factor in comfort. Finally, lack of exercise.