Obesity Revealed In Super Size Me

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Super Size Me (2004) is a documentary explaining how obesity has ultimately taken over America. Over one hundred million Americans are obese, proving that this has become an epidemic. McDonald's admits that their food is not healthy, yet those who choose to sue cannot prove that they are the cause. Fast food is a large factor of obesity, such as McDonald's, which has taken over the world. This has encouraged Morgan Spurlock to eat Mcdonald’s for thirty days. Three doctors have accompanied Morgan , who will help find evidence to prove that fast food is indeed dangerous.
Before his “1 month McDonald's binge” begins, Spurlock has his cholesterol, blood pressure, iron, and sugar levels checked as well as his organs. There are more McDonald's in Manhattan than anywhere else in the world. As the documentary continues, Morgan struggles to finish his super sized meal. His body is beginning to react to the greasy, high calorie food. In the last 20-25 years there has been a doubling of overweight children and teenagers, which is linked to causing health problems as they continue to age. Examples of diseases
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Junk food is proven to cause obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure problems. It affects our hormones- especially insulin. When you eat a large amount of foods high in carbohydrates, it can alter the production of insulin and glucagon. This may cause high sugar levels and type two diabetes. In Super Size Me, the documentary explains how diseases such as osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, cancer, and impaired fertility may occur. As we continue through A&P, we will learn how the respiratory system works. Obesity is linked to shortness of breath and wheezing and is most often diagnosed in children who eat fast food at least three times a week. Humans do not react well to an overwhelming amount of junk food, which is easy to believe as we continue to learn about how our bodies