Obesity: World War I and Edwardian Era Essay

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Edwardian Era - An Inspector Calls

Took place (in strict terms) 1901 – 1910 but in a broader interpretation, from 1880 to 1914 (end of the Great War)
During the times where Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII was King.
Edwardian era had different morals: more relaxed standard in its code of conduct – compared to Victoria’s conservative England
King Edward had a great love for the luxuries of life – particularly the arts
The arts: theatre, opera, ballet, literature, music, painting were all expanding
Beginning of implementations of inventions used in modern world
Marie Curie became first woman to win Nobel Prize
Wealth was abundant but poverty was rising dramatically also
Britain was the most powerful nation in the world – British Empire
1912 – ‘unsinkable’ Titanic sinks
1911 – 1914 – Industrial Unrest
1914 – Britain declares war on Germany

When the Edwardian Era began, the Conservative Party had ruled for 20 years – their general objective was ensuring the rich stayed rich and the poor stayed poor
The Liberal Party triumphed in 1906 they tried to solve the inequalities between the rich and the poor they introduced pensions and national insurance to aid the elderly, unemployed and the sick introduced social welfare changes spent more money on the military so had to raise taxes
Chancellor stated: "five hundred men chosen accidentally from among the unemployed" pitted against "millions of people who are engaged in the industry which makes…