Object-oriented Programming and Light Duty Detergent Essay

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The effect of laundry detergent On stains

1/7/14 Razan Al­zouabi

As we all know when we wash our cloth we usually using a type laundry detergent tide,
Oxiclean, Gain ,Downey ,and more. Well have you have you ever wondered what was in them?
Or what made the cloth smell good? And what makes the stain go away? Well in this experiment
I will be going be testing three detergents Tide, Oxiclean, and Gain. I will have six different things to stain a 100% cotton shirt, then wash the shirt with every detergent to get your result. I believe my hypothesis will be if i stain a cotton shirt ,then Tide will have the best effect.

Detergents have replaced soap in laundry. Studies show that all laundry detergents contain or are bleach, bluing, boosters, enzyme, fabric softener, pre wash soil, stain removers, starches and water softeners. The detergents are made from different types of chemicals including a vital cleaning enzyme called a surfactant. Laundry detergents come in liquid, gel, powders, liquid soaps, and heavy duty hand cleaners. This products are classified by their familiar propose. Almost 97% studies show that liquid detergent is the best way to get to take out stains and wash 100% cotton cloth. Liquid are also work best on oily soils and pre washing soils and stains. Powders are especially effective in lifting out clay and ground in dirt. Light duty detergent are used for hand or machine washing lightly soiled Items and delicate fabrics.(getzcom,2012)
An Alkaline substance contains alkali. Substances having a pH factor of more than seven are alkaline. They have a relatively low concentration of hydrogen ions, and are the opposite of an acid.( kriestian ,2014,sec3)A surfactant subsist of molecules that will connect themselves to dirt particles in a soiled material. These molecules remove the particles out of the material.
Then, the molecules will grip them in suspension in the washing water until they slowly evaporate away.
Cotton is a fiber that is strong and durable, and is still the best and most durable also under the sun. Cotton has been used for over 8,000 years. it has given thousands ,or more , of very useful resources and products
. Just one of those products and resources is clothes. it is used to furnish and stuff cushions which are made with cotton material .

.cotton is usually used at an everyday basis, it’s one of our main resources and products.
Different enzymes target definitive soils and the catalytic reactions breaks soil into smaller molecules to be rinsed away. Proteases ­ degrade protein based soils. Amylases ­ degrade starch based or carbohydrate soils. Celluloses ­ break down cotton fibers to release soils. Lipases ­ degrade fat based soils. Manganese ­ degrades food based stains. Peptidase ­ degrades fruit based stains. (kriestian ,2014,sec 7)
Fragrances influence the process of the result of the cleanness .
Many of these ingredients can be made from plants; others are synthetic. It is the
Amount of each ingredient and how they are put together that affects the cleaning cycle of the detergent. .

Materials 100% white cotton (10x10 cm squared) cranberry juice black coffee regular mustard spatula ketchup clay grass stain medium sized bowl

measuring tubes in milliliters Camera

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