Essay on Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10

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Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10
Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10
The manufacturing plant currently does not have a sound system of performance evaluation. The current system addresses the friendliness of the employee, the orderliness of the employee’s workspace, and the attitude of the employee towards others. The current performance evaluation does not address the needs of the employee by properly preparing the employee for the goals of the company. The employee has not been given or been informed of the standards of the company. Standards or goals, when issued upfront, enhance performance, motivate, and in turn serve as a basis to evaluate after a set period of time. Performance standards should be set for all
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The Graphic Rating Scale is comprised of a list of related performance standards. A manager is then tasked to rate each employee on the listed areas according to a numbered scale. A disadvantage of this type appraisal system is subject to the interpretation and judgment of the evaluator.
The Narrative Technique utilizes a written essay detailing the employee’s job performance. This technique requires the evaluator to write an individual essay for all employees. This can be simplified some by creating a plan for each employee prior to the actual time of appraisal.
The Critical Incident Review Method involves actively watching and recording effective and ineffective job performance. This evaluation can provide a detailed picture of performance but usually is not substantiated by quantitative data. During times of personal observation, employee’s can show a lack of confidence or mistrust due to the presence of the evaluator.
Performance evaluations are often times subject to errors or biased responses. Trait Appraisals are often times vague and skewed to one direction. Is the employee being misrepresented or is there a true sense of concern. The evaluator must be objective in giving judgment and not include any personal feelings during the assessment process. The evaluator must not fall victim to central tendency evaluation where expectations that within any one group there will be some poor and some great