Objective: Balance Sheet and Abc Valve Plant Essay

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___________ objective in the development and implementation of a the security plan for ABC Valve Plant is to ensure effective procedural, administrative, technological and physical safeguards for protecting the personal information of the plant.
The purpose of the __________ is to:

Safeguard the security and confidentiality of ABC Valve Plant.
Protect against any reasonably foreseeable threats or hazards to the security of ABC Valve Plant
Protect against unauthorized access to, or use of ABC Valve Plant in a manner that creates a substantial risk of identity theft or fraud.

Basis for Security Strategy

Agencies should consider preparing and implementing security strategies that are consistent with its comprehensive security plan and its threat and vulnerability assessment (TVA). The TVA can be used to help determine implementation priorities.

Identifying the Assets
Create an information asset inventory by identify the various items you need to protect within your organization. The inventory should be based on your business plan and the sensitivity of those items. The inventory should include everything that the organization would consider to be valuable. To determine if something is valuable, consider what the loss or damage of the item might be in terms of lost revenue, lost time, or the cost of repair or replacement.
Physical items
Sensitive data and other information
Computers, laptops, palmtops, etc.
Backups and archives
Manuals, books, and guides
Communications equipment and wiring
Personnel records
Audit records
Commercial software distribution media

There are approximately 800 employees employed at The ABC Valve Plant for prevention of theft and pilferage by means of personnel screening, background investigations, procedural controls, and polygraph and psychological stress evaluator investigations will be mandatory for employment and security purposes. Once hired all employees must check in with fingerprints to clock in to work this will prevent any intruders into the premises. When the truckers come in to pick up or deliver shipment they will be ask to show identification and there purpose at ABC Valve Plant. Planning and goal setting for The ABC Valve Plant a detailed check of certain