Objective Statements And Value Judgments Are Similar To Separating Fact And Opinion

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Laura Jones
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April 23, 2015

Objective statements and value judgments are similar to separating fact and opinion. Value judgments are made with the background of one's personal beliefs and upbringings. When dealing with research, you can not input your opinions on the way things should be. In example is when a couple should have children. With a Christian background, I can say that a couple should not have children unless they are married.
This statement is not influencing sex research because it is an opinion. On the other hand, and objective statement would say, based on research conducted by the
Department of Family Affairs, a majority of people are having kids before they are married. Objective statements makes more of an impact simply because it takes out any room for debate.
When a person is bias, they internally know both sides of a situation, but they lean on the side they agree with while ignoring the facts of the other side. People who claim to have a “hidden agenda” are most likely to have a biased mindset. A biased mindset does not contribute positively to sex research. Ignoring other sides to complex situations would hinder the results of the research. A researcher would not get any complete results having a biased mindset. Stereotypes deals with placing a person, group, or idea in a categorized box. Stereotypes are extremely dangerous because you disregard the knowledge, experiences, and the history of said person, group, or idea.
Stereotypes, along with biased behavior have a negative influence on sex research.
Most stereotypes have a negative connotation.
Egocentric and ethnocentric both deal with people putting their belief ahead of others. Egocentric is saying that everyone believes in what you believe. Ethnocentric is saying that our personal beliefs are superior to everyone else’s. When dealing with sex research these fallacies, or false reasonings, can be detrimental. Imagine reading a
“nonfiction” article full of opinions disguised as facts. To throw away any opposing view that goes against what you feel is unjust. When it comes to in depth research, everyone must be represented. Not just people who think like you do.
Clinical research is used when a person has a specific problem and they go to an institution that provides direct help. Such institutions include a psychologists, psychiatrist, and or a social worker. These type of people are licensed for listening to their client and letting their client vent out whatever issue they may have. In the clinical research arena, these mandated reporters interview their client and try to find the source of the issue. Observational research is observing on the inside. One method to getting this done is becoming a customer. I know that anthropologists believe in the success rate of this skill. The whole idea is not having the people know they are getting observed. Experimental research is changing the inputs for a different output. These are

called independent and dependent variables. Experimental research is the only one that researchers can actively control the variables to pinpoint the cause of change. Clinical, observational, and experimental research each contributes to the study of human sexuality. Human sexuality is complex with different angles, and each type of research covers the sides.
Sigmund Freud believed that human sexuality began at birth. Freud divided his theory into five stages. The oral stage is birth to one. These babies find pleasure in