Obligation To Endure, By Henry David Thoreau

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In Essays “Where I Lived, and What I Live For”, Henry David Thoreau, “The American Forests”, John Muir, “The Obligation to Endure”, Rachel Carson and “Think Like a Mountain”, Aldo Leopold all explain important details about nature and life. All writers have a connection with time and its continually that doesn’t stop. They all inform about nature and wildness but still have similarities and differences.
In fact, Thoreau went to the woods because he wanted to live freely. He explains how time is running out and he also compares our perception of time with the flow of the moving water steam. Muir explored the American wilderness and he talks about how god and time created beautiful strong trees. God can save trees, but he can’t save them from people who don’t care about nature. Carson wants to provide awareness about chemicals and pesticides that are only harmful. She says this is happening because of all the new chemicals that are being used every year, there is not enough time for people to adapt. Leopold informs his experience as he reached the old wolf on time to watch her die. He talks about how we all wind up at our own peace in our
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They want to make sure we understand what it means to have an appealing, enticing, and pleasing environment. Thoreau, Muir, Carson, and Leopold share their stories, so that we the readers can be alert because we don’t care about nature and don’t see its value the way we should. Nature is part of earth and by damaging its wilderness you are harming yourself because we live next to a tree or we sit on grass and we use flowers to make someone’s day. The significance of nature and the appraisal of time is there intention by informing the need of action because nature is being destroyed they all witness it in their essays. Don’t ignore what’s in front of you because time rush’s away like the rhythm of a