Obscura Stanley Milgram Analysis

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In this experiment article, “Obscura,” by Stanley Milgram, is about an experiment of obedience. Obedience mean a person follows an order, or a request to another authority. Stanley started off his experiment by hiring actors from the streets. There are two actors that are somewhat desperate for money, in that case, they accepted four dollars an hour. The experimenter announced their position. Goldfarb played as the teacher and Wallace played as the learner. They both went into different rooms, Wallace was instructed to sit on a electrical chair, and was also strapped down. Goldfarb was command to shock Wallace if he ever gets the wrong answers, Goldfarb are about to ask through the microphone. Wallace made the first mistake and was shocked with fifteen volts. As he make more mistakes, the volts of the electric chair becomes higher and higher. When it reach into one hundred volts, Wallace screams, “I have a heart condition,” and that he wanted to …show more content…
However, this experiment is definitely one of the most interesting one because it has to do with human beings. It has to do with our attitude and how we act towards a situation. According to this article, Obscura, Stanley Milgram, “He purportedly believe the answer to destructive obedience lay less in the power to personality and more in the power of situation.” In other words, no matter how nice and genuine a person is, there is no doubt that they will show different action when it comes to obeying the authority. This quote is very powerful because it states facts and most people readily agree to this one. I believe that I will act in a similar way because my mindset is set on a particular way. When I was younger, I was discipline in a common way, which is getting hit every time I make a mistake, or intentionally not follow my mother’s rules and regulations. Let’s just say she gets me in trouble when I refuse to listen to