Essay about Observation About Context & Enviormental Factors:

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- It should be low context as the information should be explained in details, such as the costs of the customer skills program and the introduction of the program.
- Report format will be used as we have been commissioned to write a report. A report format allows stating the information in an explicit way with organized layout. Complex Environmental factors: 1. Outsider: As I am not working in the BC Savings, it is hard to know all the background and cultures of BC Savings. As a result suggestions may not be comprehensive. 2. Information: BC Savings may refuse to provide private and confidential information as a result the suggestions may be less effective. 3. Implementation: As the issue has not been addressed for two years, resistance from employees may be existed. 4. Culture: As at present employees training program does not focus on customer service skill at all, the employees may not address the poor customer service skills as a problem and refuse to change. 5. Conflicts: There may be conflict between effectiveness and costs. As BC saving was built on financial responsibility, the effectiveness of the program may be restricted as the implementation of the service program may need a high a Observations about TONE: What kind of tone is needed beyond the baseline? It should be polite and present the suggestions in