Essay on Observation: Adolescence and Stacey Social Environment

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At this stage Stacey is observing all of her peers more than her parents and friend Mary. This is making Stacey become more inclined to become rebellious and she knows it. By her recognizing the signs she decided to call her best friend Mary and request for a ride. Once this begins to happen it makes it a lot simpler for Stacey to comply and not commit a crime. Numerous at risk teens get deceived by their peers because of social behavior so they sense they have to fit in with the other prevalent adolescent. They begin acting like their peers and do things that might lead to destruction and within time to misbehavior. As Stacey begins to go toward negativity she may possibly turn negligent and ultimately become a criminal. With all these difficulties turning further harmful as delinquents. The reasoning behind this decision is that Stacey social environment imitates the solid view that she learned mainly by seeing and hanging around those teens. According to (Bandura, 1973) he offered the idea, called observational learning or modeling the social learning procedure. I feel Stacey is a social teen that is in the in-crowd and by observation of her friends perceives that it is cool to drink and do drugs. This shows that she is going down the wrong path showing signs of criminal behavior. For example, many of the wrong choices she made caused to get drunk to the point of not knowing or finding her vehicle. The choices she made originally over association and over observation, but whether or not it is kept up are determined by mostly upon reinforcement. I feel that Mary and her parents can help change Stacey understanding methods by take more accountability and educating Stacey to decide right from wrong. I think the significant to reducing delinquent behavior in Stacey begins with the family. We do not have limits on our young people as our parents had on us, and it is a confirmed truth.