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Dribble My Senses Away What brings people together and is America’s favorite pass time is sports. Playing sports is one thing, but watching it and being part of the roaring crowd is another. Imagine the rush of being one of thousands of people in a single stadium cheering and booing for the playing teams. The anticipation starts the moment you buy your tickets. The pit of my stomach turns with excitement as the day of the basketball game approaches.
As I first drive into the stadium and look out the window all I can see is fans supporting their favorite teams. Traffic was bumper to bumper, but it seemed like no one minds it. As I peeked out at the other drivers I see some of them smiling and laughing with their friends. I could even hear the music booming from other people’s cars. I could just feel their excitement from sitting in my own seat.
Upon my arrival, once I walked into the stadium doors I was hit with the strong aroma of alcohol and fried food. Everywhere I looked, I seen many lines of people ordering their drinks and snacks. As everyone was pushing and shoving trying to find their seats the traffic of it never seemed to end. As I was trying to get to my own seat I seen a group of guys shirtless and their faces painted running down the halls chanting their team names. Like an echo the people around them started to cheer as well.
Along with the different smells you can also get the feel of cool breeze of the air conditioning. After spotting my seat, like a mouse in a maze I had to navigate through the sea of people to get to where my seat was. The seats were in such close proximity to each other that I could feel the body heat of my neighbors. As I look around the stadium all I see is a sea of yellow for the Golden State Warriors. The noise generating from the crowd shook the whole stadium. All I could hear was cheering or booing, but never silence. The booming noise throughout the game made my heart feel as if it was going to burst. As I looked at the facial expressions of the other spectators around me, I saw various emotions of excitement, despair, disbelief, and joy.
As the halftime buzzer rang like an alarm throughout the stadium it was like a bell of dismissal because people began to leave to attend their own business before the second half of the game started. During that time, I seen many groups of people start to mingle and long lines starting to form at the bathrooms and food stands. Like bees everyone