Descriptive Essay About The Church

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7th Wissinger
It’s Sunday morning and 9:15 in the morning when I hear the loud obnoxious sound of a screeching ghoul but that it nothing new for this time every Sunday morning, I look down and pull my black iphone from my pocket to turn off my, “Go to church alarm.” As I walk through the large glass doors I am greeted by an older man wearing a dark grey dress coat and tan slacks who says his usual, “Good morning, how are you?” and once again the warmth of his words and his one of a kind smile puts me in a better more giddy mood. Once I am in the church I stick my nose in the air to smell the bold flavorful fresh brewed coffee which draws me farther into the church. I walk forward and look straight ahead to see groups of people standing in their small circles discussing politics, sports and how awesome their week has been with their coffees in the right hand and bibles in the left. As the ground between the coffee and I close there are tables strategically placed to maximize the comfort and joyous moods found in this large room. Before reaching my coffee destination and trek of about 35 yards I look left towards the gym and take a peek inside to hear the band creating beautiful musical sounds with their mouths and instruments while the crowd is at their feet—hands held high—belching out those high notes making an almost beautiful sound. Then I look back towards the stage and the band to notice the crazy blue and white lights moving back and forth across the stage making circular designs through the smoke coming off the stage from the smoke machines. I turn back around, say “hello” to a few people and shake some hands then walk right on passed the glorious coffee