Observation Of A History And Social Science Lesson

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Observation of a History and Social Science Lesson

Gena Beamon

University of Phoenix

Curriculum Constructs and Assessment: History and Social Science


Bernardita Beni Murphy-Jobes

April 7, 2009

Ms. Ceja’s third grade classroom was observed at 95th Street Elementary School, which is apart of the Los Angeles Unified School District located in Los Angeles, California. During the observation Ms. Ceja stated History and Social Studies requirement was required weekly for ninety minutes. The lesson plans duration were thirty minutes for a one day a week. During the observation the teacher provided the following outline, which was apart of a mini lesson from the teacher’s resource book, “ History-Social
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1. Build Background a) Activate Prior Knowledge b) Preview the Lesson c) Introduce Vocabulary 2. Teach a) Read Together b) Reading Information Tex c) Digital: Audio Student Text d) Summarize e) Skill: Physical maps 3. Ongoing Assessment: a) IF students are struggling to understand how the valley and desert regions are alike (Question 3), b) THEN ask them to picture these two regions in their minds, [both are flat, low areas.] 4. Assess and Extend: a) Lesson Assessment (p.8T6) b) Extend – Have students write sentences about their region and also about some places they may have visited outside their region. Make sure they use the vocabulary words and terms from the lesson. c) Find Out More (p.8T5) – Have students read the page and brainstorm, then draw appropriate landforms, with labels.

The following suggestions would be used to enhance Ms. Ceja’s lesson plan and for universal access for English Learners, extra support and special needs or to challenge students the following outline would be followed.

English Learners 1) Visualize the Vocabulary – Help students visualize the terms of the lesson through hands on activities. 2) Beginning (Level 1): Help students understand the vocabulary by providing images that