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EDUC 111
Observation Paper #1
Classroom Characteristics
Second grade

Entering this sky blue room at Peoria Christian, I noticed multiple characteristics that were similar to other second grade classrooms. The physical arrangement, the aesthetics, and the environment contributes a lot to learning. In addition, many leadership techniques were used conductively in this room, with communication from the teacher to one student branching off to modify the behavior of the group as whole. All these characteristics of the classroom contributed to an environment of students who were well behaved and open to learn.
The atmosphere of this classroom I felt was warm and comfortable. The first two weeks of school the students were taught proper procedure on entering the classroom from the hallway. They started the year by running and rough housing from the bus to the hallway, and then to the classroom before breakfast. Ms. Garcia immediately informed them that this was not allowed and would not be tolerated. The next two weeks, they transformed into tranquil students that sat silently and waited for directions from the teacher. Therefore, the student’s mood instantly changed at the door. This is due to the effectiveness communication and mutual respect with the student and teacher.
Like any other second grade class, this classroom is set up in groups. Two groups of four, and two groups of six. This classroom is based off a lot of group work. I realized that because before she assigned an activity or practice work, she told the students “grab a partner” or “in your group”. As I noticed how the desk were grouped, there’s one desk on the outside of the groups. The student name is CJ, and I suspect he has anger management problems. I asked the teacher to learn more information about the separation of CJ and the other students. She told me exactly what I suspected. She places him on the outside because there is a lot of desk conflict with the student’s fingers and accident horse play.
Some visuals and aesthetics are in and outside the classroom. Once I sat in the classroom, I noticed the different walls are set up by academic category. One wall is the reading wall, which is the spelling words, ABC bulletin board, and the 5 Why’s are placed. The math wall is consisted of common addition problems such as 1+1, 2+2, and 3+3 and etc. In front of the class there is a smart board, alongside the reading wall. There’s one white board inside the classroom, which is used for trivia word of the day, and the student she picks to be student teacher of the day. Outside of the classroom, is where the students “What I want to be when I grow up...” projects are displayed on the hallway wall. Coming from the ceiling, is the Second Grade goals from the students. The teacher desk is alongside the white board, in the corner of the classroom. Behind the teacher’s desk is a bulletin board. Where there is the Peoria Christian Calendar, reminders for PTO’S and Parent Teacher Conferences, and activities at Peoria Christian.
There are four learning stations inside this classroom: a reading station, an iPad station, a math station, and the practice station. In the reading station, there’s a