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Big Wheel Skating Ring

Last Friday night, I invited my daughter and my young niece to have fun awhile I do my observation at the Big Wheel Roller Skating Center. This is a very “hot spot” in my area where most students of all ages have fun showing their talent on the rink. I paid for our tickets and then navigated to an empty seat, one free table along the sidewall near the water fountain. I take a seat and I asked my daughter to order something for us at snack stand, as my niece waste no time getting her skates on. Few young kids were skating. I see their parents trying to protect them in every turn they make, as they wave and make funny faces as the wheel by. Not long has past, when teenagers started to come in. Some came alone, others in groups. They sat and order meals as they enjoy the entertainment by the little ones on the rink. An announcement stated to clear the floor. A blinking sign showed “Young Adult, ages 15-18” to get ready. The skating was over for the young kids and notice some of the parents gathering their young ones belongings. I moved closer to the other section to observed, as some teenagers were talking about getting into groups. I observed a young woman standing up and waving to her friend coming in from the main entrance. As she approaches the table, they both hug and jump of excitement to see each other. There were no more empty seats at her table. Therefore, the two girls settle down by sharing a single chair. They begin to laugh, talk, and fidget. Since they are relatively small, they cling to each other on the chair and show no signs of having any issues with this arrangement. There were two boys at the same table. One has black curly hair, just like the one girl at the table. They had some resemblance, but I was not quite sure if they were siblings, since the girl has piercing, (nose and eyebrows rings, right ear completely cover with studs, and the left earlobe, only with three dangling moons and stars earrings) and the bottom tip of her curly long hair was dye purple. She wore faded rip jeans with a long sleeve Old Navy logo army shirt. From my observation, I conclude the two girls were best friends, as she wore the second pair shapes earrings and same color faded rip jeans. The other young man wearing a dark hoodie just sat--no interaction. Excitement flooded the rink as music began to play. Another teen approach and join the group. He had spike blond hair and a school logo football hoodie. He shook curly hair and the hoodie boy hand and bumped right to left shoulder twice in form of a brotherly salute. The girls just wave at him as a sign of acknowledgement. Around the curve of the rings, I notice a