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For my assignment I chose a song by Pink called “please don’t leave me”. Performed by Alecia Beth Moore, better known for her stage name as Pink and Eric Lively. At the beginning of the music video, as I observed. It presents Pink arguing and forcing with a guy who appears to be her boyfriend or husband. It leads me to think that they’re a couple because they are in a bedroom and the guy is packing all of his stuff. It seems he’s leaving her or moving away and Pink is devastated, to the point where she is pleading him not to leave. The protagonist on the music video even places a few small balls on the floor placed purposely at the beginning of the stairway. Her purpose was for the guy to fall and injure him. Eventually her sweetheart fell down the stairs as he was trying to leave. He slipped himself with the few balls on the floor. Pink captures the poor guy like a pray and doesn't want to let him go.She does many wicked things to the guy and he is terrified. The lover is afraid for his life but unfortunately can't get away because he is trapped and forced to be with her. After all the horrible things she did towards him, all the physical abuse, he managed to get back at her. Her loved one took a spray can and sprayed it in her eyes, which caused her to lose her sight for a few seconds. This leads to Pink falling backwards from a second floor. The final scene shows when the paramedics and the police arrive to the house to intervene. Consequently the guy was able to escape from the madness of the situation because the paramedics took the guy and Pink is left lying on the floor looking with desperation at his lover as he exits and imploring him not to leave her again and again. Throughout the video, Pink mistreats him very badly. She is physically and mentally abusive, even a little manipulative but at least she is able to recognize that she is capable of doing anything and agrees that she can be confusing and a psychopath. The song’s music video is directed by Dave Meyers and the lyrics were written by Alecia Moore (best known as Pink) and Max Martin. I believe the direction of the music video is comedistic, it’s purpose is to communicate a message and at the same time entertain the public. I also believe that the song speaks for itself. It clearly states that they are in this love and hate relationship. He causes a bad effect on her but at the same time she loves him, therefore she’s not being able to let go of the person. In real life there’s many situations like this one and it’s not a joking matter as the victim can result seriously injured, dead or have a traumatic experience that can lead him or her to have issues in the future with new relationships because of the other person’s obsessive behaviour and actions. There’s many faces for toxic relationships and it’s very difficult for someone to end it. Going back to the lyrics and the music video of the song “ Please don’t leave me”. My favorite part