Observation Report: Coffee Shops in the Philippines Essay

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Topic and Research Background

The focus of this observation research is general coffee shop behavior. Two main reasons caused the group to arrive at this topic: first, the members' shared passion for coffee and the coffee experience; second, the practicality that can be afforded since some members are working on a coffee-oriented business for their BA 129 feasibility study. Coffee shop behavior is something that can be readily observed and it occurs within a short time interval so that research by observation is viable.

Since Starbucks is the unquestionable leader in the industry, it was decided that the behavior in its stores be the focus of observations. However, the group also recognizes that other industry players are also
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Interestingly, the only non-ground floor mall branch – Figaro at Megamall – catered mostly to people in their late 20's to 50's. The group wasn't able to note significant differences in behavior in terms of gender, except that bathroom breaks are significantly shorter for males: a mere minute to the females' range of three to ten. This one we wish to note although we have no interpretation for it just yet – CBTL at Cineplex and Starbucks on certain evenings seem to attract more than the usual place's share of gays.

ECONOMIC STATUS. It's difficult to be certain about a person's economic status through observation alone. However, based on consumer appearances (e.g. the way they dress, arrived in a car), actions (e.g. works with laptops), their kind of language, and the pricing and locations of the stores, it is safe to say that consumers in the coffee shops observed belong to the A, B, and upper C classes.

WHAT THEY DO. As with the findings on age demographics, what the consumers actually do seem to be highly related to store location because of the market it attracts. It's only the conversation and socialization factor that's really consistent in all stores.

The Katipunan branches seem more