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Observations One day as I was coming to school I noticed that some drivers became more aggressive, and others became more timid while it was raining. The aggressive drivers stared to disobey some traffic laws such as not using turn signals and speeding. I believe the aggressive drivers were behaving the way they did, because they may believe they know their cars and know how to handle the conditions. As for the timid drivers they began allowing others to dictate how they drive by allowing people to cut them off and some even began to drive like “miss daisy”. The timid drivers may have drove that way, because they are afraid of driving in such conditions or don’t know how to drive in the rain. I noticed a much older lady driving a Ford get cut off by a man driving a Cadillac. Knowing it was raining all day the man still decided to cut the lady off in the middle of the intersection. This puzzled me because everyone knows that driving becomes much more difficult during the rain because the roads are wet and slippery. Which increases the risk of someone have an accident and or sustaining a serious injury. Even though that incident did not lead to anything serious, I am still wondering what was going through that man’s mind, because he could have caused great harm to himself and the old lady.
I am a driver myself and would not have cut that lady off because of the fear that something terrible could have happened. While I was taking driving lessons, my instructor informed me about people’s habits during inclement weather how they tend to change their ways while driving. He taught me that peoples’ actions tend to change because they may try to be more aggressive on the road opposed to someone being afraid. He said the aggressive people may behave that way because they may think they know their vehicle better. Opposed to the timid drivers who are afraid of the conditions outside. As well I learned that the correct way to drive in the rain to practice defensive drivers, which is protecting yourself and others from dangerous and unexpected changes in the driving environment.
The aggressive drivers like the man in the Cadillac, try to be more intimidating to control the road. They may do this so people will stay out of their way which is not always a good thing, because…