International Law In Contemporary World Politics

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Minor Essay
Trimester 1, 2013

1) Are the observations of Realists, such as Hans Morgenthau, accurate in respect to their assessment of the importance of international law in contemporary world politics?

Realists such as Hans Morgenthau and more recently Lloyd Gruber, base their theories on the assumption individuals, and hence states, act rationally to protect their own interests, the national interest. They believe states exist in a world of anarchy without an over arching authority. While this may be the case and it certainly is for some states, it is a theory that requires review within the context of the modern world and international law. In the world of bi-polar power during the Cold War, Morgenthau’s views interpreted
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The report also stated poverty alleviation programs were ineffectual and implied corruption. Albeit, this report was funded by the Ford Foundation to report on its own programs, yet I was under the impression they were given freedom to report accurately. Even though the Ford Foundation was established by Henry Ford’s son, and not the company itself, it still represents the power and influence a MNC can exert. These reports are not controversial, but it does go towards forming an image about governments and it is in this way influence is exerted. Furthermore, the actions of the Ford Foundation to fund relief programs, brings into question the effectiveness and validity of IGO programs.

Probably the largest non-state actor is the United Nations (UN). It’s governance covers many areas of international concern, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Food Program (WFP), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), etc…. As a consequence, its membership is extensive. Whether the member states take their affiliation with the UN and it’s associated bodies seriously or whether they use them as a vehicle for their own means is