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Occupational Research Paper
October 30, 2003
Life as a Professional
The labor force is a direct byproduct of the technological awareness of the society, as a whole. In the short lifespan of 30-40 years, America has welcomed, as well as, become dependent of today’s revolutionary industry of the computer. Technology has afforded many individuals various metrics to help maintain, manage and even grow businesses to foreign demographics and increase popularity. The use of computers has been reciprocated well amongst the common user which has only increase the usage level between producer and consumer. The computer has transformed from huge immovable objects to hand-held devices with voice and fingerprint recognition. At this point, the only thing more important in today’s society involving computers is the information the computer secures. The future looks bright for the career of a Computer and Information Systems Analyst.
Computers have made the line between the have and have-nots increasingly clearer. More and more companies are increasing funds for Information Technology or commonly referred to as “IT”. Most positions in the IT field are viewed with prestige and of high demand. Database Administrators, Software Programmers and System Analysts are just a few of the IT jobs available. In Corporate America, the company’s hierarchal make-up exists of Executive level, IT, Human Resources and Payroll, Accounting and Marketing teams. Each branch is integral as the next. No matter whether it’s managing the team, paying workers consistently and in a timely manner, or providing policy and enforcement. Technology has allowed for team members to focus on their given tasks while the computer software comprises reports for management to evaluate production trends.
The profession I have decided to obtain is in line with the progression of computers but also the backbone of the work force; people. As a Human Resources Information Systems Analyst Currently the job outlook is on the rise from 2010-2020 and is growing at a projected rate of 22% (faster than average). The Number of Jobs in the field in 2010 was 544,400 with the Median Pay that year for this career at $77,740.*
HAVE THE DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGED OVER TIME? In 2012 the median age of a Computer and information systems analyst was 43.7* with the highest employment rate between the age group of 35-44 years age at 222,000. Out of the 65,000 Computer and information systems analyst working 89,000 are within 55- 64 year of age. Of the 605,000 employed Computer and information systems managers. 28% Women 5.6% * Black or African American 14.5 % Asian 5.8% Hispanic or Latino* With the Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX Metropolitan Division having one of the highest employment levels in the occupation of a Computer and information system manager staying in the area wouldn’t be a bad choice for my job pursuit. The Employment in the metropolis is 12,300 with the Annual mean wage $84,340* higher than national average. "Colleges turn out people who can build databases from a textbook, but all the analysis and design that goes into building a database [at the business level] is hard to learn in college—these are mostly things learned on the job," says Loretta Mahon Smith, vice president of communications for DAMA International, a nonprofit association for technical and business professionals. Overview of Job:
Nearly all organizations rely on computer and information technology, as this dual