Occupational Therapy Career Essay

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It is a pleasure to share my personal accomplishments and desire to seek a master’s degree in occupational therapy. As a highly qualified special educator and an advocate for adults with disabilities, I embrace diversity as well as value my gift to teach, guide, and support individuals with mental and physical adversities. It is my life’s purpose to help individuals learn to overcome any barriers that prevents progression. My motto is “remove the “dis” in disability and show your ability.”
For the past decade, I have proudly worked for public and private schools serving a variety of special needs populations across the United States. As I pursued a master’s degree in Teaching Leadership from Notre Dame of Maryland University, I have happily
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As an African American woman, I would like to change the culture of the profession and increase the number of women who look like me. The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Centennial Vision is “to create a diverse workforce” and I would like to be a part of that movement. As a future therapist, I would like to support the vision as well as enhance the quality of care among African American communities.
To kindle the process of becoming an occupational therapist, I have devoted the past few years to working on prerequisites to enter an occupational therapy program. As an illustration of my dedication, at times, I have worked and attended school full-time to apply to a graduate program. Proudly, I have an overall 3.6-grade point average and attained hundreds of observational hours. With the support and guidance of future professors and peers, I yearn to increase my perceptive of occupational therapy and how to become the best therapist with sound clinical reasoning in administering quality treatment.
My professional work experience, knowledge of disabilities and nurturing style makes me an asset to any occupational therapy program. When I am accepted into a program, I want to continue my life’s journey in helping individuals to overcome challenges. Each personal and professional accomplishment is a step closer to my dream of becoming an occupational