Occupational Therapy Case Study

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Kailyn Forsberg was an active child. Walking at nine months and on skis for the first time at a year old, she was determined from the start to be the best. In Mountain Colorado, on April 7th 2015, Kailyn at the age of fifteen experienced a traumatic crash on the slopestyle course while competing for a USASA National Free skiing Championship. The injuries were significant. They included a broken pelvis, dislocated hip, and a fracture of her C-7 vertebrae impacting the spinal cord. She was flown to Children’s Hospital Colorado where surgeons began treatment. Kailyn was warned to prepare for a life in a wheel chair. With extensive surgery and therapy, Kailyn hopes to be able to not only walk and live a normal day to day life again but also participate in her favorite sport, skiing (McGuire, 2015). She is currently working with all kinds of therapists to make her goals a reality. Occupational Therapy in particular has had a major impact in her recovery. Spinal Cord injuries are just one of the many specialty areas Occupational Therapists concentrate on. Adaptive equipment is introduced by Occupational Therapists for patients to return to meaningful, productive lives. In the following, Occupational Therapist’s roles in Spinal Cord Injury recovery to the patient will be described, different adaptive …show more content…
Occupational therapy practioners provide services throughout the duration of care for individuals with SCIs. Therapy typically begins in the Intensive Care Unit and lasts throughout acute hospitalization. Therapists must identify, explore, and practice activities that are meaningful to each individual. Modifying activities and environments like using adaptive equipment is a key concept to the road of recovery (What kind of adaptive equipment can make life with SCI easier,