Occupational Therapy In Today's Society

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Occupational Therapy is very relevant in today’s society. It is open to all people, no matter their age or injury. Occupational Therapy is a great way to get anyone back on track. All ages can have help from an Occupational Therapist. When an Occupational Therapist helps a newborn they are improving their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills. They can help an infant whose motor skills are lacking and help them progress into doing the small daily things a baby might do, such as, roll over on a blanket. Occupational Therapy also does a lot of work with the older generations. An Occupational Therapist may teach an older man or woman how to change, eat, and write accordingly to their older age that they have not yet grown accustomed to. Being and Occupational Therapist helps in the lives of many, even those who don’t think they will ever need it. …show more content…
Occupational Therapy can help people that don’t have physical setbacks, such as people with depression. An Occupational Therapist can help a person with depression by encouraging them to lead a fulfilling life and help them control their symptoms.Occupational Therapists play a huge role in someone's mental recovery. They can asses what the person wants to do based on their individual choice, and they can create several guidelines to help a person who is in mental recovery. No person is ever the same, so Occupational Therapists must be ready to adjust how they help a person at all