Occupational Therapy Personal Statement

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was first introduced to occupational therapy during my junior year of high school when I was given the opportunity to shadow an occupational therapist. I had never heard of occupational therapy before, but was quickly drawn into it. The field of occupational therapy resonated with me because it is not only hands-on, helping patients function physically in their different environments, but it can also help people cognitively better their lives. This unique combination of characteristics was exactly what I was looking for in a career. My strong educational background in a wide variety of sciences, as well as my life experiences along the way, have given me the tools to fulfill my goal of being an occupational therapist.
While shadowing an occupational therapist in a
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Time after time I am greatly impressed by the life-changing effects of occupational therapy on patients and their loved ones. Having had the opportunity to see these transformations take place will make me an even more passionate occupational therapist. These experiences have reinforced my belief that this is the career choice for me.
As an occupational therapist, I want to make a difference in the lives of others, and I know that my experiences will guide me as I work with them. My passion is helping people and the first step to accomplishing my goals is receiving an occupational therapy degree. Having an occupational therapy degree will also make it possible for me to become certified in animalassisted therapy which can help me reach patients and work with them in a unique and meaningful way. The field of occupational therapy is growing rapidly and I have seen, firsthand, the life-changing effects that it can have on patients. It is my desire to contribute to this growth for the generations to come, so that they also can experience the transformational benefits of