Occupational Therapy Research Paper

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Because of my grandmother, helping others is what my life has always been centered around. My grandmother was the most compassionate, selfless, and loving person I have ever known. She survived the Khmer Rouge and saved many others through courage and sagacity. My mother was diagnosed with what are now defined by DSM-5 as generalized anxiety disorder and illness anxiety disorder. The two manifest in prolonged bouts of my mother screaming and crying in response to stresses ranging from mild allergy symptoms to financial concerns. Out of compassion, my grandmother cared for my mother and calmed her down, while teaching me how to do the same.

When everything was fine at home, my grandmother spent most of her time at Wat Trigoda Buddhist temple helping out. From her encouragement, I spent many of my weekends and breaks at the temple helping
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From all experiences, I have learned the value of utilizing holistic approaches to treatment by occupational therapists and health practitioners, in general. Occupational therapy integrates the cognitive, the social, and the physical. The strong collaborative effort between occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, doctors, and in many cases teachers and families, establishes effective treatment. Occupational therapy strives to facilitate an individual's ability to perform meaningful activities that will in turn increase the individual's well-being, health, and quality of life. Meaningful occupations, which may include playing, self-care, or work, strengthen our values, self-worth, and purpose in life. I am pursuing a career in occupational therapy because it is a field that works towards goals that the individual finds passion, meaning, and happiness in. Obtaining a master's degree in occupational therapy will provide the professional tools and knowledge to achieve this