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Madeline Reguera L. Eppich English II PAP Pd.8 20 November 2011 Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Occupy Wall Street protestors are protesting because they are unhappy with the economic situation. The Banks tricked them into buying mortgages that they could not afford and they are now in even more debt than before. These people are all a part of “the 99 percent” (Greenhouse 2). The 99 percent are the people who are considered middle or low class; the other one percent would be considered high-class people who have a lot of money. They call themselves the 99 percent, but I do not believe that they represent the majority of Americans. The movement started as political activism. Then escalated into anarchy. This peaceful demonstration has degenerated into the lowest form of social values with, murders, drug overdoses, rapes and mayhem in the protest camping grounds. I do not believe in the Occupy Wall Street Protests.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has lost its appeal to even the more liberal members of society. We understand that the protestors “hate the rich and demand that banks treat customers better” (Frownfelder 1). For the most part I also agree with this statement, but these protests have come to the point where they “lack institutional control and a clear set of objectives” (Frownfelder 1). This not only makes these protests unorganized. It also makes “the 99 percent” (Greenhouse 2) lose their credibility. The protesters plan last week was “to shut down Wall Street” (Frownfelder 1), the only thing they ended up accomplishing by this was getting arrested. The Occupy Wall Street protest is not only disorganized but has erupted in violence and a basic lack of respect for any authority. When Martin Luther King Jr. was protesting against racism he organized boycotts, sits-in, etc. Even if people didn’t agree with his political views they had to respect his methods and their outcomes. He also believed in nonviolent protests, which helped people gain respect for him. The intentions of the Occupy Wall Street movement are well meaning. It is a protest against the greed that many corporations in our country have shown over the past decade. Some corporations in the U.S. are taking tax breaks and then “shipping the jobs overseas to maximize their profits” (Jolley 1) I think you should have