Occupy Wall Street Research Paper

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Occupy Wall Street has been a part of society since the first protest movement on September 17, 2011. The protest movement is of a occupying nature. They stand and occupy a certain area in protest of usually social and economic inequality. In the Occupy Wall Street movement, economic and social inequalities are the main issues being protested for. There slogan that most people who keep up with the media know is “We are the 99%”. This represents the growing income inequality of the 1% of the richest Americans to the 99% of the rest of us. The goals of Occupy Wall Street are varied. They want better and more jobs for people, more balanced distributions of income, reduce the influence of corporations on politics, and to help address the foreclosure situation that is going on throughout the country with people losing their money and their homes. Some people would label the movement as anti-capitalistic. The Occupy Wall Street movement has made the news over about the past year but has it really raised an awareness concerning their goals? I believe that the movement has not raised the amount of awareness that they set out to do. There is so much a occupy protest can do and the media is the springboard to raising this awareness. If the media does not show the good side and the goals of the movement then how will people become aware of what they are doing? Whenever I turn on the news and see a story about the movement it is always negative talking about crime and showing masses