Ocd Neil Hilborn Analysis

Words: 265
Pages: 2

“OCD” by Neil Hilborn is about him going through the experiences of ocd and falling in love with this girl. Towards the end of the poem the girl leaves him because she is tired of his ocd, and it is interfering too much with her life. I think Neil’s message is that he is willing to not “lock the door eighteen times”(Hilborn), stop ocd. He wants to do this to get the girl back. At the start of the movie he is acting very very energetic to portray the ocd and then he starts to slow down as he gets to the end of the poem, not only slow down the pace but his tone becomes sad and he becomes quiet right at the end. He does this to create a deeper meaning to the poem and create a good connection with the audience. This wasn’t just a good poem because