Oceanography: Ocean and National Government Agency Essay

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There are many jobs that you can do that are involved with Earth and the ocean has many to offer as well. Since the earth is covered in 70% water and 97% of that is ocean water no wonders it has so many jobs to offer; Oceanography being one of them. Oceanography is a branch of earth science that studies the composition, structure, ecosystem, and other physical aspects of earth’s oceans. It is a very interesting and also at times a scary job. You get to explore the bottoms of shallow waters in scuba equipment and then take what you have found back to the lab to analyze your samples and data. If the waters are too deep you get to use submersible devices to get your seafloor samples. Another fascinating thing that you get to do if you become an oceanographer is deploy buoys and instruments that measure ocean currents. With all the data you collect while doing this exciting job you get to create computer generated plots of it all.
Now you may be thinking I get to have all this fun and I get paid? Well the answer is yes. After four years of college, certification, and training in the field you can get the job and start on a very good salary. When you go into this field you start off with an average pay of $50, 460 and can eventually work your way up to $90,690. This is a growing field and is expected to house 37,510 jobs in the year of 2016. That is 21% more than it did in 2006. When hired into this field you will work for a university, a national government…