Oceans and Climate Change Essay

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Oceans and climate change:
When it comes to climate change, the ocean has an important role and effect on the planet. With the increase of global warming the oceans can alter coastal development, have an economic impact such as ocean shipping, it can affect coastal communities and ecosystems. It can also cause droughts, floods and storm surges.
The melting of the ice caps is causing ocean levels to rise. This can change the thermohaline circulation. With the added water into the oceans it can cause changes of the salinity in the water.

Ocean Tides:
Ocean tides are caused by gravity. The gravitational pull from the sun and moon is what causes tides. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTQ6ciHENgI Thermohaline Circulation:
This is the main transportation of oceans water. Unlike tides that are controlled by the moon and sun. The thermohaline circulation is driven by the temperature and density differences. With global warming evaporation can change the levels a salinity and temperature.
Deep Water formation: located in the norwegian-greenland, labrador, mediterranean, Wedell, and Ross seas.
In cold region the highest densities are reached. This causes convection mixing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3niR_-Kv4SM Ocean Floor:
The ocean floor has many interesting and importance about it. Some of these things include continental drift, the abyss, mountain ranges and volcanoes, trenches, igneous rocks, and oceanic crust.

What is the abyss? When it come to the ocean floor, an abyssal zone is a part of the ocean that goes from 2,000 to 6,000 meters deep. These zone are in complete darkness and can be called home some of the strangest and most unknown creatures on the planet.

Underwater mountains (Mid Ocean ridge): Mid ocean ridges are responsible