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Speech – Teenage Crimess.
Teenage Crimes are increasing day by day..
Society and the media all around us are portraying negative influences on youngsters of today.
Me …you…us. We’re all affected by it in some way or another. People around us have an effect on us. Good and bad. But it’s the bad that affects us most. And since we’re all growing up , we want to leave home , go out , become individuals go out with our friends ( follow the crowd) we don’t realize that these so called ‘friends’ could turn out to be our worst enemies. We’re with our friends more than our family therefore good friends are important, but if we don’t have them then we eventually follow the wrong path. Now let me give you an example. When we see a group we desire to be in, we all in some ways want to be a part of that. We happen to be more worried about reputation than education. And so we get involved. We feel they’re our family. Our brothers. But what we don’t know is every group has a leader just like an ‘Older brother’. Someone who controls the group. A leader whose command everyone follows and it’s difficult to refuse them but we’re forced to do whatever we’re told. Why? to prove our loyalty towards the group. Once we’re in We’re told to do things which we would’ve never imagined of doing. We’re told to go stab that man walking across the street, we’re told to rob that old helpless lady, we’re told to beat up that kid who didn’t follow our commands and you know what? WE DO IT. – WHY? Because we’re scared, Frightened terrified … terrified of the consequences, because once we’re in there’s no way out. We’re trapped.
Just recently a young teen was stabbed to death over a trivial matter which was made made so huge. Why does our generation think its acceptable to stab someone over the littlest things?. Now there’s reasons behind wanting to be a part of a group. Maybe its because we want to be cool? Maybe because we feel they’ll take us in