Octavia Blake: A Short Story

Words: 456
Pages: 2

SHE TOOK A DEEP breath, the warm air filling and squeezing her lungs with pure ecstasy. She could hear the smiles of the delinquents that all stood in awe at the landscape before them. They had never seen colors as bright and vibrant as the ones they saw then. They had never felt the cold breeze on their skin as the one that gave them goosebumps that they felt then. They had never felt their hearts beat as fast as they did then. They could hear the drumming and pounding of all the eager hearts that belonged to them.

Her stomach filled with a drunk feeling as she watched Octavia Blake looked up to the sun, letting the warmth wash over her cheeks. The breeze brushed Octavia's hair back as she jumped off the silver ramp of the dropship.
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Summer lusted to see all different shades of flower petals. Summer craved to swim, deep, deep down into the clear water. She wanted to feel the cold rush that jumping in would give her. She wanted to be able to open her eyes and see her hair floating with ease. She wanted to feel all the air being sucked out of her lungs, just so that she could swim up and breathe heavily, all before diving back under.

"You coming down or what?" A voice erupted from beside her. It was as feminine as it was sweet. She looked over, her eyes meeting those of the same shade as hers. The girl's hair was quite curly and her lips were full and pink and her eyebrows were thick and defined, she was lovely. The girl was smiling, her teeth perfectly straight and as white as a pearl.

"Eventually," Summer retorted before taking a single step forward. Then soon enough, she jumped off the platform. Her boots sunk into the damp mud and the wind rushed even faster against her rosy cheeks.

The girl giggled, her eyes squinting and her lips lifting. "Feels good, no?"

"Oh, yeah. It definitely does," Summer confessed. She then glanced at the girl, her eyes resting and her lips perking up, "My name's Summer, by the way."

Realization dawned on the girl's face before she introduced herself too, "I'm Paloma. And we've been on Earth for at least seven