October: Leaf and Poem Essays

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In the poem “October” by Robert Frost the theme in the poem is that nature is a beautiful thing and you cant take it for granted and you need to some and express nature as what it is and not ignore it. The mood that I had when reading this poem was that it is really relaxing and peaceful because its talking about how nice the month October is, when he says ”O hushed October morning mild”(1). The tone of the author is respectful because he is enjoying the nature and what it has to give to people,when he says ”Make the day seem to us less brief”(9).

The speaker is the author because he us talking about him being there in the nature watching it. The speaker is in a place where there is alot of tree a and the wild is just blowing then and they are falling off the tree. The action takes place in October and in the morning, I know this because he says “O hushed October morning mild”(1). The descried of the poem is that October is a very beautiful month and the weather is nice most of the time. In the poem it just talks about how the wind is blowing through the leaves on the tree and them falling, you know that because he says “Release one leaf at break of day”(12). The author wrote the poem because he wanted to show how peaceful the nature is and that we should take some time to enjoy it.

One of the poetic device that is used in the poem is imagery because when you read the poem it help you imagine that you are there when you read the poem. This device is used when in the poem it says “the crows above the forest call”(5) you can hear the crows above the forest flying and crowing. This helps you feel like your there because you can hear the crows and that its a beautiful thing and you do’t want to try and scare the crows because they aren’t doing anything to you. Its also used when it says “ thy leaves have ripened to the fall; tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild, should waste them all.”(2-3) the effect of this device is that you can see the leaves on the tree and the wind blowing them and each one of them falling to the ground.

The second poetic device that is used is vocabulary/word choice. Frost uses words that can help it explain that its changing from spring to fall like