October Sky D2 Essay

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<October Sky> essay draft 2
Shuyao He
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The Benefits Of Teamwork

Having a complicated mission might be hard for one person.To most of the situations, teamwork is an extremely efficient way. While individuals gather all their ideas and strength towards one aim, it creates a highly-efficient atmosphere for those who face a difficult situation.

As a old Chinese idiom says,’ Union is strength.’ The more people join in the team, the sooner the solution might be figure out. This idiom can be applied to the film <OCTOBER SKY> filmed by Stephen Hunter in 1999 (the story “Rocket Boys”was written by Homer Hickam Jr.). In the film, the main character Homer Hickham tried his best to realize his dream to build a rocket by himself, and finally achieved after getting help from hundreds of people in his town. In the movie,what Homer said before he launched the last rocket ‘if it wasn’t y’all, we’d never have gotten into any science fair.We’d probably never have gotten past blowin’ up my mom’s fence.’ Residents in Coalwood encouraged and supported Homer in many ways, because Homer was doing something extraordinary, his dream might be buried without their help. Throughout Homer’s voyage of exploration, he was supported by hundreds of people in town, especially Homer’s three friends, which helped and became a group later on. Among all these four rocket boys, none of them ended up in working as a coal miner, all of them became success after the science fair. Teamwork not only enabled them to work together, butt also gave them experiences and technology which helped them succeeded. Not only Homer benefited from teamwork, but also Coalwood----the town benefited from the cooperation between every member of the coalmine, which gave them incomes and relationship of individuals.Also, Homer’s father played a very important part in the mine. As the foreman of the mine, he led the team towards large success and even saved dozens of people’s lives in an accident.

Throughout the movie’s