Oda Nobunaga Research Paper

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Oda Nobunaga was a famous samurai who lived from 1534-1582, and was born in Owari Province, Japan. He started the unification of Japan, and increased his army’s firepower. Before his death, Oda managed to become the most feared warlord and ruler of one third of Japan. He later on was forced to commit suicide, by Akechi Mitsuhide (one of his generals), in Honno-ji in Kyoto.
Oda was the second son of a deputy shugo, Oda Nobuhide. He was known for his bizarre behavior and the way he acted out, thus earning the nickname Owari no Outsuke (The Big Fool of Owari). He also had a fondness of tanegashima firearms, that he later on became known for. Oda also had three brothers: Nobuyuki (1536-1557), Nobukane (1548-1614) and Hidetake (died 1555) . And two sisters: Oinu and Oichi (1547-1583). Oda married Nohima who was unable to give birth, so Kitsuno and Lady Saka were the ones who gave birth to his eldest son, Nobutada.
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Oda was said to have settled on a front attack when needing to defend multiple border forts. Oda set up a position, and started to move towards Imagawa’s camp. After the Imagawa clan were sufficiently becoming weak, they no longer obtained control over the Matsudaira clan, and later in 1561, formed an alliance between Oda and Matsudaira Motoyasu. On the awakening of Saito Yoshiatsu becoming ill and dying, his son Saito Tatsuoki stepped up, but proved to be much weaker in the ways of a military strategist. Oda took advantage of this default, and thus weakened the Saito clan by outwitting them and initiated a final attack in 1567. He took possession of this castle and changed the name of the caste and the surrounding town to