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“Odd Girl Out” Movie Assignment
“Odd Girl Out” is about a sweet and smart girl named Vanessa who is best friends
with 2 girls, Stacey and Nikki, but end up bullying her throughout the whole movie. This
leads to a lot of crying, disappointment, forgiveness, anger, and even suicidal attempts.

Vanessa receives an excessive amount of insults, there are many, many fake
rumours about her trying to steal Stacey’s crush, which leads to her ignoring her and
calling Vanessa a slut, and just too much forgiveness towards Stacey. If I knew that my
best friend was spreading rumours about me, yet still forgave her and believed that she
still wanted to be my friend, I would’ve immediately rejected her and told her that she’s
not worth having my friendship. I thought that Vanessa’s mother should’ve been stricter
with the way her daughter was acting towards her, because if I was a mother, I would
never let my child yell at me rudely and tell me to get out of her life. But she was very
smart later on to go through her business because for Vanessa’s safety, if she didn’t do
anything, her daughter would’ve been broken, mentally done with life, and could’ve
possibly died.

Trust and honesty is very important in a friendship and if you don’t have them, then
don’t even bother being friends. I have a friend that we’ve known each other for 8 years
already, we hang out once in a while, but our problem is that whenever we start to talk
again, she acts like she has nothing to say and rather go see her other friends, but
when she does, I end up hearing a minor false rumour so I immediately know it’s her. I
thought I should probably just forgive her and move on, but after I saw this movie, I
realized that she is shouldn’t be a part of my life anymore because we obviously don’t
have any trust in each other.
I recommend this movie to anybody after the age of 11. It’s a good open view to
what high school could be to you or any of your friends. For example, one day, you
meet a new friend. But she ends up being a big mistake and your life is basically
“destroyed” because…