Odom Mandatory Sentencing Is Unfair Among Many Americans Essay

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Mandatory Sentencing is Unfair among Many Americans.

Mandatory sentencing in nonviolent drug cases should be ended
Roneshia Odom
American Intercontinental University/Online
This essay will show why mandatory sentencing need to be outlawed in bring a new pattern of laws that need to be place for these offenses even though the lawmakers making good intent but it costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and show how the prison population is growing plus how private prisons and other state government agencies making a great profit.
Mandatory sentencing in nonviolent drug cases should be ended
Mandatory sentencing is a product of good intentions by lawmakers, but it applies only to sentence imposed to drug sentences. Why? I chose this topic here in the State of Georgia I see teens and young adults get slammed with harsh sentences just like last month fifteen to twenty young adults gotten sentence to 6 years to 35 years sentences for example one twenty-year old adult got a thirty do ten sentences for two sales charges for only $40.00 dollars. Judges and Law makers punishing minorities at a high rate when then individual leave prison he or she will still be on twenty years’ probation or parole when individuals have rob, kill, rape, or shot someone either get off with a lighter sentence. My points about non-violent drug crimes is prison overcrowding that taxpayers have to pay for the expenses to hold that individual to a bunk in our state penal system which is unfair when we incarcerate individuals for non-violent crimes the states making huge profits with private prisons also. Private prisons are a rooming business the prison industry in the United States is a new form of slavery (Pelaez 2014). Human rights organization are calling this new industry a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States where prison population is up to 2 million-mostly Black and Hispanic are working for various of industries for tycoons who living lavish off society’s mistakes. (Pelaez 2014). Did you know that drug offenders in federal prison make up 51% of the prison population? 3,942,776 adults on probation. 851,158 people on parole. It cost taxpayers all over America at fewer $20,000 dollars to support one inmate that is in custody.
Who is investing in our prison companies too like Motorola, IBM, and even