Odysseus and Story Board Essay

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Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious math student who travelled far and wide after he had sacked the famous town of Algebra 1. Many cities did he visit, and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was acquainted; moreover he suffered much by sea while trying to save his own life and bring his grade safely home; but do what he might he could not save his sanity, for it perished through it’s own sheer folly in eating the cattle of the Sun-god Hyperion; so the god prevented it from ever reaching sanity. Tell me, too, about all these things, O daughter of Jove, from whatsoever source you may know them. (Homer, The Odyssey, Book I) Your task is to recreate your journey through the year of Geometry. You are Odysseus, and your travels are through Geometry. You have encountered many challenges along the way. Treat these challenges as those of Odysseus, tell me, Poseidon, of what you have faced and conquered. What are the Lotus Eaters, what is on Cyclops Island, What was your Scylla and Charydbis? What was your Sirens or your Circe? I am wanting to see what bothered you, what made you have that internal battle of mind over matter. How did you overcome the struggles of Geometry? I am asking for a 2 to 5 minute movie of your Odyssey. You can have a group of up to three people. You may go this journey alone, it is of no bother to me. Now, for the return voyage home. This project will be done on your time, you may use the green screen room before and after school, and may borrow for the weekend if you need to. However, once you have borrowed it, it is no longer able to be borrowed by your group. Thus, remember to travel wisely as you create and document your travels. The project will be due to your instructor by Friday, May 3 of our lord 2013. We will show the movies beginning on May 6th and finish showing by the 8th of May. This project will be worth 200 points. You must have a story board turned in no later than Wednesday, April 10 of our lord 2013. The story board is worth 50 points (25% of the grade). Your story board will be created in pages using the