Odysseus Character Development Essay

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The many years of Odysseus's journey developed his character and shaped his personality. The final destination of Odysseus was returning back to Ithaca -- his home. His final destination became a constant through the entire novel, while the journey challenged and shaped his character. The journey was a long period of time for him to develop as a character rather than just arriving at his destination. Odysseus's changed personality throughout his journey developed his individual character that was once full of violence and ended with cunning mind tactics without violence. Odysseus’s journey is shown through the entire novel. Starting from the end of the Trojan War, Odysseus worked hard and fought against all odds to return home. His journey home changed his character. In the beginning, Odysseus was seen as a typical hero who is a fighter to earn his heroic title. Throughout his journey, he began adapting to his circumstances and used less violence at each challenge faced. When fighting in the Trojan War, he used violence; however, while encountering the Cyclops he strictly used his cunning skills. He began to work mentally and relied on his mind. Odysseus shifted his thought process and …show more content…
This can be seen while Odysseus encounters the Cyclops. Odysseus gave the Cyclops a fake identity where Odysseus became a nobody. He let his fame go and used his clever mind to escape. The Cyclops managed to be tricked by Odysseus; however, while Odysseus was leaving, he did make a mistake by telling the Cyclops his true identity. The Cyclops was his first obstacle where it is shown that even though Odysseus is beginning to change, he still is impatient as he revealed his identity. This was new territory for Odysseus as the beginning Odysseus would rather fight and kill the Cyclops from the beginning. His changed character was arising and shown through each of his